Skin tags and benign lesions

Skin tags (small soft skin growths that are typically connected to the skin by a thin stalk and can vary in color, often matching your skin tone or slightly darker).

Sebaceous hyperplasia (small, shiny bumps on the face due to enlarged oil glands)

 Angioma (cluster of small blood vessels appearing as red or purple bumps on the skin)

 Seborrheic keratosis (skin growth that often appears as a raised, waxy, or scaly spot, ranging in color from tan to dark brown)

 Milia extraction (small, white bumps on the skin formed when dead skin cells get trapped beneath the surface)

The first step starts with assessment of these lesions to ensure that these are truly benign lesions. Then we use advanced techniques to make the removal process as gentle as possible, ensuring a comfortable experience with optimal aesthetic results.