Those who choose to work with Dr. Paul, choose to do so due to her renown in the world of dermatology and aesthetics and her reputation as a highly competent, yet approachable doctor. They believe in the same professional values as Dr. Paul, which are high efficiency, high integrity and a patient experience that makes all the providers feel like family and the clinic like home.

They are proud to be working at the practice, feel a sense of ownership and will sometimes go beyond their job description to uphold the aforementioned values. They are comfortable during work hours, have their own spaces and find the office space pleasing to their eyes and mind.


We are seeing a new crop of medical practices emerge that are reimagining the patient’s experience with traditional healthcare (e.g. One Medical for Primary Care, Forward for Preventative Care, KindBody for Fertility, Tia for Women’s Health), however we can’t say the same for Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics.

Our objective with Balanced Skin is to build a truly patient-centric dermatology experience, from initial awareness to patient check-in to consultation to billing and post-visit (and everything in between), building lasting relationships and leveraging seamless technology to maximize patient satisfaction.

Our Practice

Our mission first and foremost, is to deliver the best outcomes, using the safest possible approach.

Alongside that, we want to delight you, our patients, with an unparalleled experience, from the time you schedule your appointment to consultation, through to aftercare.

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship - once you experience our outstanding care and hospitality, you become a part of the Balanced Skin family.

This means going above and beyond to understanding and addressing your concerns and treating you like how we would treat our own loved ones.

We look forward to your visit and hope to make each one, the best one.

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